High Glo

High Glo

High Noon
Item number 11136

Available in

  • 24Lb

Available in a 24 lb. bucket

  • Developed to promote fuller muscle shape and show ring appearance
  • Promotes bloom, uniform condition and a supple look
  • Use in holding rations for an outstanding nutritional advantage
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair growth

High Glo & Original Glo are very compatible, though they are formulated to do different things they will work together to give you outstanding results

High Glo was developed with the idea of adding a feed additive for our customers that would give your animals a fuller muscle shape and still promote a healthy show ring appearance. We all want our show ready livestock to have a bloom and a supple look to their muscle without putting on more condition then is needed. That is exactly what High Glo does. High Glo is a great feed additive to start livestock on early in your program and feed right throughout to show day. High Glo will promote the muscle fullness desired in the show ring today. High Glo is also compatible with Original Glo. Both top dresses are designed to do different things, but, they will certainly work together as well. High Glo gives muscle a fuller, more supple look while Original Glo gives muscle more shape, definition and firm condition. Whatever you need in feed additives, you can count on the people at High Noon Feeds to get you spot on. Be assured, you are getting the best feed additives you can buy.

Crude Protein (Min.) 35.0%
Lysine (Min.) 1.75%
Crude Fat (Min.) 3.8%
Crude Fiber (Min.) 8.0%
ADF (Min.) 9.0%
Calcium (Min.) 2.1% (Max) 2.6%
Phosphorus (Min.) 1.0%
Selenium (Min.) 0.25 PPM
Vitamin A (Min.) 14,350 IU/LB
High Glo
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