Leach High Octane

Leach High Octane

Game Bird
Bird Feed
Item number 11249

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  • 50lb

This feed is designed to be fed to Gamebirds.

Crude Protein (Min) 17.43%
Crude Fat (Min) 7.75%
Crude Fiber (Max) 7.75%
Crude Ash (Max) 4.0%

Corn, Safflower, Wheat, Pellets4, Pop Corn, Oats, Pellets6, Green Split Peas, Canadian Peas, Milo, Pellets9, Red Lentils, Oat Groats, Sunflower Hulled, Pellets8, Barley, Maple Peas, Austrian Peas, Fish Oil, Probios5, Vitamins7.

Leach High Octane
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